Alicia Baker

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Alicia Baker is a classically trained accordionist, pianist, and singer from Portland, OR.  She has performed on various stages, from the operatic stage to the headlining spot at accordion festivals.  Alicia has explored her many avenues of musical ability in both performance and educational venues.  She received 3 music degrees from Oregon State University, including piano performance, vocal performance, and choral education.  Alicia’s repertoire spans a wide variety of musical genres amongst her instruments, including opera, folk songs, jazz standards, French musettes, polkas, contemporary, classical, romantic, techno and popular hits throughout the decades.

Alicia has competed and won multiple International accordion competitions, in addition to headlining major accordion festivals all around North America.  These include the American Accordionists’ Association, The Vegas International Accordion Festival, the Cotati Accordion Festival, the Big Squeeze, the Accordionists and Teachers Guild International Festival, KIOTAC, Leavenworth Old-Time Accordion Festival, and the NAMM show.  She even had the honor of performing an accordion concerto with the Corvallis Symphony in 2011.  Alicia has also sung the leading role in multiple operas, including Queen of the Night from Mozart’s The Magic Flute with OSU opera.

In 2009 Alicia became connected with Roland Corporation, the maker of a fully digital accordion, when she entered the Roland US V-Accordion competition. Her relationship with Roland continued to blossom, leading to her full-time work with the company today where she is a product specialist, demoing pianos and accordions around the country.  This relationship helps Alicia show the accordion in a whole new light by utilizing the amazing technology.

Alicia has created a unique show for her audiences by combining her skills on accordion with her accomplished voice.  Known for operatic arias accompanied by herself, and modern styles like techno, Alicia is passionate about reinventing the face of accordion in today’s world.